Plasty Al Sakr Company (S.A.E) , was primarily founded in 1980 by Eng. Mohamed Sherif Sakr. The established Joint Stock Company we know now, started off as a simple workshop.
When the company first began its industrial production lines, it started out with one production machine, this past emphasizes our humble beginning and highlights our efforts to make the company as significant as it is now.

Over time, the production lines increased, the machines evolved and multiplied, our labor count expanded and we began offering various services and catering to a vast number of product categories.

From the very first day, Plasty Al Sakr had a foundation of perfection in terms of product quality and is built on our outstanding level of credibility and trust. Our main goal is to have the highest qualities in the market with reasonable prices in order to insure to our customers’ long term satisfaction.

Day in, day out, Plasty Al Sakr has matured and expanded in the market with our products and customized to the finest and most detailed request.

Plasty Al Sakr now has a sophisticated network of services in every region led by the Middle east.
In 2009, our main factory moved to the new industrial area in 6th of October and with this move we were able to both expand and progress in ways we never thought possible, providing a higher level of service which is, after all, our utmost priority and the main vision of the company as a whole